Quickest. Breakfast. Ever!!

Quickest. Breakfast. Ever!!

Good morning,

Today’s breakfast is something simple I just came up with. I know that overnight oats exist…and I’ll never eat them. But, I do love me some good cereal. So that’s what I ate. And a banana. And drank some orange juice, too!

I decided to use 2 Aldi cereals that I have mixed together:

What I did was simple: I used 2 mason jars. I put the mixed cereal in one of the mason jars with some almond milk (I stopped drinking milk and eating any animal based products back in 2013) and the oj in the other.

The reason for doing this was simple: all I have to do is rinse them out and set them to the side to use tomorrow, or what ever later date I choose. Gone are the days of doing daily dishes, lol! Well, correction: there is a spoon!

Now, while I didn’t measure out the cereal, milk, or OJ and don’t have the caloric intake, I can tell you that I am full.

I told my mom that doing something simple like this would be good for, let’s say, you’re driving to work – you can’t eat a bowl of cereal and drive. Well, I can, because I use my knees when I need to, but I don’t recommend it, lol. Or, if you’re riding the bus (some drivers will allow you to eat and some won’t), or if the kids are running late to school, they can eat in the car and go!

I think this will be my new go-to when it comes to eating some foods!

What’s your go-to?

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