First Glance: CurlKit October 2016

It’s that time of the month! Here are the contents of the October 2016 CurlKit! Love getting these in the mail! Each box is always full and heavy and worth the $25!! Keep reading!  I love how the contents (I don’t know if they do this intentionally) are always turned up so that you can see the product brand name and actual product. That’s a plus for me. Do you know how hard it is to get the products back into the box the way Heather and The Gang put them in there once you’ve taken them out and viewed…

Returning To This Weight Loss Challenge

I’ve known and felt in my body for quite some time now that I’ve needed to get back to working out. It always starts out great, then BOOM, something simple and stupid derails my progress. It could be anything from work (related anything), not having enough money to try and eat as healthy as possible (because no one can force me to believe that it’s cheap, it ain’t), not having clean clothes (even though I have a W/D and keep detergent stocked), trying to get family on board, etc. Working outside is free, so why the excuses? I don’t know!!…

Why I Attempted To Quit My Current Job And Why Praying Has Kept Me Employed!

As a human being, we’re designed to only take so much in life…from our kids, our family, friends, and even foes! My heart became heavy with the decision to walk away from a job that I was truly loving in the beginning. It’s simple, retail, and part time. It works great with my son’s homeschooling schedule and it’s perfect for me because I’m not stuck in one location for more than 6 or 7 hours at a time.

My Mother’s Day Gift: One Month Later

I received my Mother’s Day gift a day late. I wasn’t upset by it because I wasn’t expecting anything. So, I was very surprised! I came home from work and was about to turn off the dining room light to retire to my room when I saw a small bag by the light. I didn’t think anything of it. I picked it up, turned off the light and went into my room. I got ready for bed and while in bed, I opened the bag. In it was a card drawn by my 10-year-old son and a gift.

First Glance: CurlKit June 2016

I’m always excited when a CurlKit box comes in the mail! It’s like opening a Christmas package every month! CurlKit is a monthly natural hair subscription service. You pay $25 a month (actual cost $20/$5 shipping) for 5-7 sample and deluxe size natural hair products. The boxes are always full to the point when you pull it out of the mailing package, the top is always off! And, what’s a bonus is that the boxes can be used for storage! I know that’s their purpose in my household! 

Influenster Sprout VoxBox

I’m always stoked when I get the notification from Influenster that I’m being sent a VoxBox! These little boxes are amazeballs! They’re always full of contents that are either new to the market, being tested for the market, or are already on the market. It can be food, makeup, sports related…OR EVEN A KEURIG! Yep, got one of those too!