I Think I’m Back!!

I Think I’m Back!!

Well, hello blogging world…AGAIN! This is long overdue, mainly because I lost an interest in actual blogging and due to my work schedule. It’s always the case. You take a day off, it becomes easier to miss the following day you’re supposed to do something. I. E.: working out: you’re going well and putting in work and then you miss a day going to the gym due to the weather, bodily pain you may be in, you have to work, you didn’t have that protein shake you normally drink, etc. And so, this is what happened to me.

After I attended a blogging conference in Dallas back in 2015, I was pumped up and geared to get going with my blog. And then months later, it just happened.







These are not excuses, but reasons as to why I fell out of interest with it. My heart has never really been into blogging like that so I can’t say that I fell out of love with it. I had a genuine interest, but I think part of it too is that I’m scared to try and succeed. There’s a Fear of Failure theme that goes around and around in my head. I talk myself out of a lot of stuff.

With blogging there comes taking pictures of self, I have no photographer. I guess I can use my son or my mom but then I’m afraid one of them might kill my camera, lol. There’s also graphics, and while I’ve gotten better at creating them on Canva and Pic Monkey, it takes up so much time. Then the posts…I’ve never been the best writer even though I want to write a Christian children’s book series.

I’ve got to talk myself out of the FOF Syndrome. I know that I can be a good blogger if I put more interest, time, effort, etc into it.

So, with this being said, I’m going to try this one more time.

  1. I’m going to start small. I will use my blogging book from Blogger Babes.
  2. I will create an Editorial Calendar and come up with topics to help create some good content.
  3. I’m going to try and get better at graphics, using my iPhone as well as desktop.
  4. And, I will attempt to monetize my blog once I get it back up and running.

I am going to do this and if I see where it won’t work, I will give up and let the blogging world move on without me! LOL!!

Here’s to a new challenge at LifeSimplyStyled!


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