He’s Becoming A Liar, And I’m Already Tired Of It

He’s Becoming A Liar, And I’m Already Tired Of It

Listen, let me be clear, upfront, and honest first: I do love my son; however, he’s at that age where he’s lying just to do so…and not about anything that means anything. The crazy thing is, there’s no need for it.

Is there someplace special where kids to go to learn how to lie? Or to learn why? Or to learn hot to deflect the truth? Recently, of all things, food has been disappearing. For instance, I came home last night and my vegan sugar cookies were gone. I don’t think you understand just how much I was looking forward to finishing those things off!! I asked my mom, she said she didn’t know. I was gone to work all day so I know that I didn’t eat them. We asked my son to come into the kitchen. He hem-hawed, and told me where he last saw them, yadda yadda yadda. Bottom line, when asked did he eat them, “No, it wasn’t me, I promise.” Well, if it wasn’t you, who was it? “I don’t know.” Kid, food just doesn’t disappear and I know the cats didn’t do it. Plus, the sugar cookie container was in the recycle. So, apparently, we have a cookie monster living amongst us!!!

Why lie about food? I have a feeling that it’s going to start small and only escalate. I have to stop the foolishness now. The thing is that he is not surrounded by other kids who could possibly be an influence. From where is it coming? He’s homeschooled during the year, and although we attend church, he’s not around those kids on a daily basis to pick up any of their habits…be it good or bad. The only thing that I can think of is the kids he plays on the Xbox with, but, you don’t know them!

I think he gets in a mental daze when it comes to food. I noticed a while ago that he tends to not remember eating something. How can you not? It was either good or it was bad. How is eating something forgettable?

Fast forward to this morning. I go in my nut roll stash to get one and lo and behold, one is already missing. I spoke with my mom about it. She said to ask him. I didn’t need to, I already knew the answer. We leave and she tells me that he confessed. No surprise there. Fast even forward-er, and I go in the same box for my post-dinner snack and what do I see? Yet another one missing. Again, I confront the situation, but this time, I let him know straight up, “stay away from my food. If you don’t purchase it, you don’t eat it.” Of course I yelled, but do I feel bad for doing so? Absolutely not. Why?

I don’t and have never minded sharing what I have with the next person. What pisses me off is when someone tries to take my kindness for weakness. If you ask and I tell you you can have it, that’s one thing. But, don’t assume that it’s there for your taking. He hit me with the, “Oh, I thought that was for the house.” Why and how would you think that when you weren’t even in the store with me when I grabbed it? No one had this conversation with you and besides, you don’t even eat the things.

Bottom line, I’m going to have to put him on some sort of restriction. He’s got to learn self-control or he’s going to start spiraling out of control…and he’s only 12.


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