Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year family!

I decided that I’m going to give this blog one more chance before I give up. So, I’m back…its’ been 6 months and I can’t believe it.

So much has been going on, but at the same time, nothing has been happening. I don’t know how that even happens, lol!

Just to give an update, I decided to go full vegan today! My son is still homeschooling. I’m not working right now…long story…but had to get out of there before I went elsewhere!! Still single, lol! But one thing is for sure, I am definitely looking forward to 2019.

One reason? My mom got me an Instant Pot for Christmas and I have been cooking on it since the day after…hence the full vegan today. Both she and my son have enjoyed the meals. Here, take a look for yourselves:

IMG_2528 IMG_2531 IMG_2551 IMG_2552

What do I plan on doing in 2019? Got some business plans in the making. Travel more. Cook more. Read more. Be a better mom. Write my children’s book. All of my proclamations (not resolutions) are doable! I can’t wait to accomplish and crush them!!

But as I stated, I will be back with a calendar of posts. I’ve got to give it one last shot! I just thought I’d come on and give a quick update!

See you guys later!


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