About Me!

Hello there everyone!

My name is ChaNita Bei (most times I go by Neets – a nickname given to me a college classmate)!

Welcome towhere I’ll be posting about pretty much anything that comes to mind! I’m starting over with blogging…yet AGAIN! I can’t tell you how many times this makes! But, I hope this time it’ll stick! 

10 Random Facts About Me: 

    1. I love a good road trip! One thing about this, is that you will always catch me in the car or on a plane with my family whether it’s finding somewhere new in state to travel or venturing outside of our norm. And snacks are always on deck! 

2. I’m 6’1! (I tried my hands at basketball – it was not for me. Nerp!!) I grew up hating being tall because I was always the tallest – and for a girl, that can be damaging to one’s self-esteem. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to accept it, because I mean hey, I can’t change it anyway, right! Now, if I could do something about the big feet, I’d be in there! 

3. I love palm trees, mojitos, the sun, the beach, etc. Guess where I live! I love being a Florida girl. I’m in the north which is perfect due to the fact that it doesn’t get too terribly cold…all while still giving me access to cities like Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Key West on those warm Florida days! 

4. I’m a skirt collector! Over 250 to date! I will buy them from anywhere as long as they’re ka-ute! I have this fetish with a cute skirt. I think women, especially us tallies, look incredible in skirts (paired with the right hairstyle, accessories, shirt, and shoes). The versatility is tremendous from mini to maxi! 

5. I’m an avid STEELERS fan! Make that all PITTSBURGH teams, I support! It’s always Black and Yellow where I am. 

6. I’m a former teacher. I taught at a Department of Juvenile Justice program. I have often wanted to go back in to teaching – perhaps that just wasn’t the right setting for me – but due to the cost to become a teacher, it’s pretty overwhelming. My belief is that since there is such a teacher shortage, my state should offer the chance to become a teacher for free. Maybe more people would sign up and could actually enjoy it and make a difference. If you don’t come out of college with a degree in Education, the cost to become a teacher can be exorbitant. 

7. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE eating frozen peppermints! Yeah, I know that’s pretty different, but it’s my thing, lol! When I would go to church with my grandmother, she’d always have peppermints in her purse. Call it an old lady thing, I don’t know! NO, they weren’t frozen – I came up with that idea! 

8. I’m a Licensed Facial Specialist. Let me be clear, I don’t practice, but I’d like to. I decided to go for the license because at that time, I wasn’t do anything. I always figured it could be something to fall back on. I keep my licensure up to date, and I am actually looking into going to cosmetology school very soon. You always want to have something in your back pocket in case something else doesn’t work out!! I am fascinated with MUA’s and some that I follow on IG and YT are just so amazing and creative! They actually make me want to get into the field even if just on a part time basis! 

9. I love the feeling and smell of clean laundry! (Don’t look at me like that, lol!) I am weird, but fresh laundry out of the dryer is everything to me! Close your eyes for a few seconds and for those few, allow the scent and warmth transcend you to another place. 

And last but not least,

10. I’m a Procrastinating Perfectionist!! I don’t think that needs any explaining, lol! 

I feel like you know me already! Please join me on my journey! 

Thanks for reading. 

If you’d like to connect, feel free to reach out through any social media outlet or e-mail! 


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